Skype Updated to Version 5.5 on Windows

A new version of Skype has been launched on Windows. The latest update is version 5.5 which brings a few new features to the VoIP service. New features of Skype 5.5 include a deeper Facebook integration that allows you to speak with Facebook contacts as well as see wall posts and make comments all from the Skype interface.

Changes have also been made to the interface which now makes it easier to make video calls and group video calls. The code has also been updated to make video calls more reliable. Several design changes have also been made.

For those who like to use emoticons, these have also been updated and made a little more smoother so that they stand out more.

If you are running Windows then you can grab the latest update now over at Skype. A few more details about the Skype update can also be found on the Skype blog over here.

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