Skype & Three Mobile Phone

Skype Three Phone 1

Here is the new Mobile Phone coming from Three and Skype. We were able to get our hands on a couple of them to give them some testing.

The phone has a 2 Megapixel camera, 3G connectivity 256Mb of inbuilt memory and can search the mobi-web. The phone also features a dedicated ‘Skype’ key to allow you to see which contacts are online. Charging is done via usb, which is always handy!

The phone is free on 18month contracts or £50 on Pay As You Go (PAYG). Currently these models we have do not feature Skype In or Out, and No video calling, but we are told that these will be working in the future. Each month you get 100 minutes/texts and 10,000 chat session instant messages.

Of course, you get a Three number and a regular sim-card to use the phone as a normal mobile phone. Apparently though, if you go abroad and want to use it you may be subject to Roaming Charges! (Be warned)

The phone packaging states that it is made by Amoi, and designed by Three and Amoi together.

This is only a quick glimpse of the phone, and a full review will be here within a couple of days, so check back to see what our findings are. We will let you know the battery life, camera quality and all those other things you NEED to know before you buy one!

From our initial findings it seems like a nice, easy phone to use which looks like it may well be a good smooth integration between Three and Skype.

Skype Three Phone 2

Skype Three Phone 3


  1. digitalnomad says

    Is this a Wi-Fi phone? How close do you have to be to a hotspot or computer?

  2. Hello Digitalnomad,
    It’s not a wifi phone. This particular phone (which is being launched on 2nd Nov) works on the Three network on 3G. Basically you get 4000 free Skype to Skype minutes anywhere in the UK and Northern Ireland.

    I will be doing a full review over the next couple of days with the details of tarrifs and what it can and cannot do.

  3. Sue @ TameBay says

    Looking forward to seeing the review, Matthew – we love ours!

  4. Thanks Sue. I am testing it all out now and will hopefully have the review online tonight or tomorrow.

    I am still impressed after using it this morning. Others who have seen it have also showed interest in purchasing one when they get launched.

  5. Hi,

    Is it possible to get a three sim (post pay connection) and install Skype application on my sim-free N-73? it should be possible technically?

    has anyone tried that?


  6. Waqas. You might want to look at X-Series if you go down that route. This contains the software needed to run Skype at around £5/Month I believe. However, you need to add it to contract. There doesnt seem to be anything for PAYG SIM cards appart from the Skypephone.

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