Skype to open Five-Way Group Video Chat

Skype are adding a new feature to their VoIP video chat system that will allow up to 5 video calls to conference together.

The new group video chat system will move in to a public Beta starting next week and will allow users to more easily speak in groups over video allowing families to connect for example, or allow businesses to meet remotely.

When in beta the video group chat service will be free although when it comes out of beta in the next few months, Skype are planning on charging users to utilise the service.

Normally Skype to Skype Video and Voice calls are free and charges are only made for subscriptions or calls to landlines and mobile phones and answer phone services for example.

Right now, pricing for five way video calling isn’t known, but I suspect it will be announced towards the end of the three to four month beta testing. The beta test launches next week and will be available for Windows based machines.

Via: Yahoo

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