Skype Mobile Hitting Non-Smartphones on Verizon

Earlier this year, Verizon [VZ] started allowing some smartphones to run the Skype software. Since the launch the software has been restricted to working on a specific range of phones and none others.

It appears now that Verizon are opening up a little by allowing the software to run on non-smartphone devices. A few devices have started showing up on the Verizon database as being compatible. It isn’t clear who let them through the system (ie, Skype or Verizon) but it looks like a change of heart as Engadget words it.

Devices which allow Skype Mobile to be used on them include the Samsung Reality ($20 on contract), LG Chocolate Touch ($80 on contract) and the enV Touch.

We expect that more non-smartphones will eventually get pushed an update or be updated somehow to include Skype Mobile on them.

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