Skype iPhone Update brings 3G Skype to Skype Calls

Version 2.0.0 of Skype for iPhone went live today in the iTunes store. The main new feature that was added to the VoIP software includes the ability to now make Skype calls over 3G. This means the previous restriction forcing you to use WiFi has now been removed.

Currently there is no charge to make calls over 3G although in August 2010, a subscription charge will be made whereby you’ll be charged a small monthly fee to use the service.

In testing, the application works as good as any other VoIP app and if signal and cell area is right, you get a decent call. If not, it will be a little choppy sometimes. However, the ability to make cheap calls overseas with a 3G connection is a great addition, even if it is a little bit behind the times so to speak. Other VoIP software has had this ability for a while now.

Other features include fast access to the dial pad from the iPhone home screen, improved start-up time, enhanced call indicator and near CD quality sound for Skype to Skype calls using the SILK wideband codec (compatible with iPhone 3GS and iPod Touch Second Gen).

One interesting thing to point out is a warning message that appears saying the Skype software will not work on modified iPhones. As with the previous version of Skype, it appears to work just fine though. – Update: The error is more of a disclaimer as previous versions can crash on jailbroken iPhones.


  1. Rajesh Bhusal says

    I have a jailbroken iPhone, and I got this update as soon as I can. When I launched it after installation, the app makes the sound when it has successfully logged in, but the screen is still stuck in the “Signing in…” page. After that, I deleted the app, and installed the old version which was still on my computer. The old one worked just fine.
    Is anybody also going through this problem ?

  2. yep. the same issue. Installing the old version seemed to help

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