Skype FREETALK Everyman HD Webcam

In Store Solutions have launched a new webcam for Skype that allows 720p HD video calling. The camera is called the FREETALK Everyman HD and costs $49.

The new webcam is plug-and-play allowing it to easily be connected up to a computer to give an easy setup and excellent quality video.

“There is no higher performing, Skype Certified HD webcam than the Everyman HD, and the Everyman HD is available at just a fraction of the price of other HD webcams,” said In Store Solutions Product Manager Mike Padmore. “Unlike most High Quality webcams on the market today, the Everyman encodes the video signal in real time, meaning you do not need to utilize all of your computer’s resources while conducting a Skype video call.”

Skype FREETALK Everyman HD Webcam Features

* High performance optical lens
* 24-bit true color depth
* Auto Exposure and Auto White Balance
* Auto Focus capability
* Supports HD video encoding at resolutions up to 1280×720 at up to 22 frames per second
* Skype CertifiedĀ¢ High Definition Webcam
* Universal clip for attaching to a wide variety of displays and monitors

To get HD video, version 4.2 of Skype for Windows needs to be used. The PC needs to have a 1.8GHz dual-core processor as well as at least 1Mbps symmetrical bandwidth.

The camera can be seen over in the Skype store available for pre-order here.

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