Skype Dual Phone

Skype Dual Phone
The Skype DualPhone is the first available cordless phone that doubles up as a Skype phone. RTX have launched this in the market to allow users to use their regular phone for some calls and then switch to Skype to make free or international calls at a lower rate. The RTX Dualphone 3088 needs no PC and it’s built in firmware runs the skype software and connects direct to your broadband internet connection.

Skype has a huge userbase of 136 million… so someone you know is bound to have a skype ID you can call for free. On the cordless side of things the DUALPhone 3088 is dect which is reliable for voice calls with no interference. The base unit connects to a broadband router and then you get the choice of how you want to make the call on screen.

The phone has 10 hours of talk time with 140 hours of standby time. It seems that a nice phone and good contender to the market has been introduced here.

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  1. Bonjour

    Est il possible d’utiliser deux ID de skype differents sur deux combinés differents mais reliés à la même base ?


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