Skype changing Skype Out Prices

A new pricing structure is going to be announced for Skype on Jan 18th 2007. The new pricing structure will now include a connection fee per call which is expected to be from 0 – 0.039 euros per call. No word yet on if this pricing change will increase call charges per minute or not. The new prices are for SkypeOut. Skype Unlimited users in North America are not affected by the changes.

Via: Skype


  1. This ticks me off–I only noticed it when I realized that calls I’ve been making are 15 cents per minute with a connection fee! That is no longer cheap. 🙁

  2. Matthew says

    What type of calls is that for? international or local?

  3. Christine says

    What a rip-off.
    This isn’t what I agreed to when I put money in my account.
    As soon as I have a 0 balance I will only use Yahoo, who has the same calling set up, but no connection fee and calls within the US are only .01!
    Thanks for nothing Skype!

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