Skype 5.0 Beta Allows Group Video Calls for 10 People

Skype has released a new Beta update numbered version 5.0. The new Skype 5.0 Beta download (for Windows), allows users make group video calls with up to 10 people.

As well as allowing for more people on a group video call, the update also gets a new fresh look in Skype’s own words. Also stability has been increased as well as increased quality when making video calls to a group.

To make a group video call, each users on the call needs to be running the latest Skype Beta (available for download here). Right now the service is free although the blog post announcement hints at a possible charge in the future.

We’ve made improvements to call quality when making group video calls, as well as fixed a number of bugs affecting stability, so your calling experience should be smoother than before. This version also includes automatic call recovery, which should help automatically reconnect Skype calls that are interrupted due to network problems. We’ve also made a number of other housekeeping fixes since the first beta – but please bear in mind that this is still a beta version, and so there may be the odd bug remaining.

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