SkyFire for iPhone now Available in UK

Three weeks back, the SkyFire browser for iPhone launched in the US. At that time, it had a bumpy start due to the very high demand of the app.

Now that the bumps have settled down a bit, the app is now available for those of us in the UK.

What SkyFire does is allow iPhone users to browse the internet and see Flash content. The reason you can view flash content is because the backend servers at SkyFire encode Flash content in to HTML5 on the fly and then stream it down to the webpage as you download it.

Anyway, it’s available now in the UK with a price tag of £1.79. One thing to note is that Flash videos are supported, but games and apps are not. Basically anything that requires user intervention (other than a play button) will not work. Also, not all sites will work with it at the moment although they are working out those compatibility issues.

If you are wanting to install it on the iPad then SkyFire recommends you wait a little longer as an iPad specific version is being worked on at the moment and is expected to launch “sometime” in the near future.

Via: Gaj-It


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    its good thanks apple.

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