Skyfire Flash Browser Hits 1 Million Downloads

Skyfire confirmed recently that 1 million users are not using the Skyfire browser on Android OS based devices.

With 1 million downloads, it firmly puts the browser in the top 0.02% of all applications available in the Android market.

If you are unable to use Flash on your Android device… ie, it has Android 2.1 or lower as an operating system, then Skyfire is well worth checking out. The mobile browser allows you to use flash on your device.

Android Spin point out that Skyfire is compatible with the following smartphones…

* HTC Evo 4G
* HTC Droid Incredible
* Motorola Droid X
* Motorola Droid 2
* Samsung Galaxy S devices
o Samsung Epic 4G
o Samsung Vibrant
o Samsung Captivate
o Samsung Fascinate
o Samsung Galaxy S I9000

Via: Coated

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