Sky Mobile TV iPad App Launches – £35/Month Wanted

The Sky Mobile TV app has been updated to now work with the yet to arrive Apple iPad in the UK. On Friday when the iPad launches, users will be able to stream Sky news and sports content to their iPad over the internet connection (WiFi and possibly 3G).

When using the iPad app you get access to 6 channels although those using the app on the iPhone or iPod touch get 8 channels. The downside is that to have access to the service, you need to cough up £35/month.

What is Sky Mobile TV on the iPad?

– Watch 6 live channels (Sky Sports 1, 2, 3, 4, Sky Sports News and Sky News)
– Enjoy our new high-quality iPad streams (Sky Sports 1, Sky Sports 2, Sky Sports News & Sky News only)
– New interface allows you to continue watching whilst browsing the 24-hour channel guide.

A 2MB per second internet connection is recommended for high quality streams. For those with lower bandwidth, Sky uses adaptive bitrate profiles that changes the quality according to the connection you have. Also if the connection gets very bad, the app can switch to an audio only mode.

I’m not convinced 6 Sky channels on an iPad is worth a £35/month subscription cost. What are your thoughts?

App is available for free here (but the subscription is required to use it).

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  1. mike more says

    TV on your iPad??? crazy cool…! this is going to take the iPad to a new level…
    Recently became an owner to the highly acclaimed iPad from Apple; technology at its best!

  2. Glade someone else picked up on Sky’s ridiculous price for the iPad. I’m nothing less than appalled and disgusted by this fee of £35 a MONTH! I paid £6 a month for the iPhone for about 6 months then cancelled it due to their poor reliablity. Now it’s better (I believe) but this kind of money for Sky Sports is outrageous. I have since in the last 48 hours decided to cancel my whole Sky services altogether (TV, Phone and Internet) and go with Virgin not to mention saving nearly £20 a month for better TV, Internet and phone options. I strongly encourage anyone to do the same! I will actively express my disgust for Sky and advise people to get Virgin in the future. Companies like Sky need to be taught a lesson for screwing their customers over out of their hard earned money.

  3. After seeing so many negative reviews for Sky I phoned the call center due to concerns of the price of the subscription and was told that the £35 subscription is only for people who are NOT existing Sky customers or those who don’t have the Sky sports channels… I have a dual sports package at home with multi-room so am paying a decent amount of ££££ to Sky every month already! I subscribed to the service and am now using their 3month free offer, after which I will only be charged £6 a month – which I feel is acceptable due to the portability of the service they are providing. Works on 3G (just not great quality) but on a Wi-Fi connection in a cafe or at work – the video quality is amazing. Many on the app store have given negative reviews based on just the £35 subscription cost without seeing that they ARE actually entitled to the discounted rate!!!!

    • I’ll update the post Jiyah. The wording has changed on the iTunes page for the app. Before it didn’t saying anything at all about current Sky customers. It looks like they have mde changes to the wording in response to reports made about it.

      I have to say it’s not a bad deal at all after looking at the changes made.

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