Sky 3D TV Channel Gets a Launch Date

Sky have announced that are launching their Sky 3D TV channel on April 3rd which is just a couple of weeks away. The Sky 3D channel will be the first channel of it’s kind to broadcast in Europe.

The first programme to be played on the new 3D channel will be a football match between Manchester United and Chelsea. Sky have been testing the Sky 3D service in a number of pups across the UK and already over 1,000 pubs across the UK and Ireland have already signed up for the channel.

Although 3D first appeared a number of years ago, it is certainly looking like it will be here to stay this time with the amount of TV manufacturers, cinemas as well as computer games makes getting in on the action.

Of course it’s early days for a 3D channel, so to fill the time up with 3D content a showreel will be playing when specific programmes are not scheduled and will show off the best of Sky 3D.

The service will cost nothing to those who subscribe to the top TV channel packages (along with HD) and it seems right now that you have to have the top service from them to make use of it, not to mention you need to have a TV capable of displaying 3D images that will cost in the region of £2000 or so at the moment.

It’s going to be an expensive switch over in the early days and perhaps the best option is to just wait till your TV dies and start saving right now. Prices will drop in the next year and continue to fall till they are match today’s current HDTV prices.

Via: Zath

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