Siri Ported to the iPhone 4 – Doesn’t Quite Work Yet

A lot of iPhone 4 users want to get Siri but unfortunately Apple [AAPL] has decided against offering it and has instead made it iPhone 4S only. We don’t know the reason for this as it could be related to the iPhone 4 not quite having enough power or that it’s some other hardware tweak that we don’t know about. It could also be a sales thing so that the 4S has another slight edge against the older versions.

Anyway, a developer has managed to port the Siri interface on to the iPhone 4. The downside is that it doesn’t quite work yet as the interface isn’t talking with the Apple servers yet. Siri requires a connection to the servers at Apple so that your voice records can be stored and used to improve the service. It appears that Apple isn’t authenticating the use of Siri on the iPhone 4 and hence, not allowing it to function fully.

The video below shows some integration that has been successful. The original video (posted on 9to5Mac) shows a very sluggish port with icons struggling to load up on the home screen. The sluggishness was related to a GPU driver that was needed. The developer behind the port has managed to install the GPU driver and you can see below that the A4 chip seems to be handling things relatively well.

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