Siri Co-founder Leaves Apple

The co-founder of Siri has left Apple [AAPL] from what we hear today. The departure from the company has been on the cards for a while and according to a report it seems that it was an amicable move.

Dag Kittlaus (Siri Co-founder) has left so he can move back towards his family as well as take some time off and then move on to planning his next entrepreneurial idea. We don’t know yet what that idea(s) is but expect to hear more from him in 2012.

Apple purchased Siri in April 2010 and since then, Kittlaus has worked as the lead of the product having been the CEO before that for a few years. Other staff who moved over to Apple at the time of the purchase are believed to be staying at Apple.

Siri has come along way since the merge in to the iPhone 4S a few weeks back. In our Siri review we highlighted the features of what it can do although with it being in beta, there’s still a while to go before it becomes an everyday product that is used.

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