Sigma SD15 Digital SLR Launching This Month

The Sigma SD15 was first spotted by gadgetvenue just a few months ago although we hear that it’s actually been in the process of launch since back in September 2008 (yes… 2008). After almost a two year wait the camera is now ready for launch this month with some improved specifications.

What the digital SLR camera has is a 14 megapixel Foveon X3 direct image sensor that works by combining three 4.7 megapixel layers that individually capture red, green and blue light hitting it.

On the back of the camera a 3 inch LCD display can be found. Inside a True II image processor is used.

The Sigma SD15 will launch in a few weeks on Friday June 25 with a price tag of $1,443. The price tag is higher than what was mentioned back in February though. Expect reviews to start showing up shortly.

Via: Photography Blog and SlashGear

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