Sideways Bike

Sideways Bike

The Sideways Bike is like a Skateboard… Kind of

For those who prefer to travel sideways, you have a few options such as a bus, skateboard or tram. The sideways bike is now another option which allows you to ride sideways. Instead of trying to keep your balance from left to right, you now need to balance back to front. It sounds like a difficult task. To add to this complexity, each of the wheels is independently steered which means you can steer from the back (or left) or steer from the front (or right). This allows you to go more then sideways, and allows you to go front ways, diagonal ways and any other ways you can think of.

All I can tell you is that I wouldnt want to fall off this thing, and looking at the bike I can assume I would be off it with in seconds of starting. It is still kind of a funky idea though.

Via: Gadget-Reviews

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