Shutter Buddy Grabs Baby’s Attention

Shutter-BuddyIf you have ever tried taking a picture of a baby then you’ll know that you spend most of the time jumping around, holding teddy bears and making funny noises to just grab their attention for just a short second to get a picture of them smiling.

Shutter Buddy was designed to help with that problem. The Shutter Buddy is a square chequered thing that sits around your lens and has been designed to grab the attention of the baby you are trying to capture pictures of.

Now, I can’t say that it will grab your baby’s attention for 100% of the time and turn them in to the perfect subject of the shot, but it’s chequered design should at least assist the funny noises you make to make taking pictures of baby’s more easier.

The Shutter Buddy costs $19 and the creators do have high hopes for this…

The ShutterBuddy¬Ę is a revolutionary new product that uses the science of infant vision development and pattern recognition to capture and hold a baby’s attention so that you can get a great picture easily and every time.

Genius in its simplicity, The ShutterBuddy fits virtually any camera, is lightweight and easy to use, folds for easy transport and storage, and provides instant reliable results making it a must have for all new parents.

Via: CrunchGear


  1. We at Smile For Me Toys applaud anyone that is trying to make it fun to smile for the camera. Some professional photographers would need to keep a box of toys handy to try to accomplish the same thing. In this case the aid can be easily stored with your camera until you need it.

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