Shure E500PTH Now In UK

Shure have started to ship their headphones in the UK. The E500PTH in-ear monitors are not cheap.. they will weigh in at $550, but promise amazing sound quality from the amazing 2 woofers and 1 tweeter. The earphones isolate about 90% of external noise. There is a feature called PTH (Push to hear) which will allow you to listen to noise outside with out taking them off which is handy. This function activates a microphone that picks up the noise and plays it over the ear phones.

The 3 speakers in each ear phone offer rich lows and precision highs in sound quality and are supposed to do to headphones what HDTV did to the TV.

The sound isolating sleeves have 2 roles. The first is to block ambient noise while the other role is to make a customised fit for comfort. Ears are all different in size and Shure have taken this in to consideration by giving 3 sizes (small, medium and large) as well as a universal foam which will be good for all ear sized. When installed correctly it blocks out the ambient noise while enhancing the bass.

The sure engineers have also listened to user feedback and now provide 2 cables with the ear phones. One is 9 inches long and the other is 3 foot long. This allows you to taylor the cord to what kind of activity you are doing.

From what we can see, they seem to have got everything covered here.


Via: OhGizmo

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