Shinshoku from TokyoFlash

The guys at TokyoFlash launch some seriously interesting watches and this latest watch is no exception. It is named the Shinshoku and is a continuous stainless steel band which wraps around your wrist. Holes have been put in the band allowing for several colours of LED to shine through which some how show the time. 3 versions of this watch are available with the 3 colour LED watch being the easiest to read. The other options are all red or all green LEDs. To tell the time you will see that the watch is divided in to 3 sections. The left shows the number of hours, the right lower shows the quarter past marks (15, 30, 45) while the upper right is the minutes with in the quarter past marks.

Its a crazy but kind of cool looking watch which has animated effects when wanting to see the time. It is available from TokyoFlash and costs around $114 which isnt bad.


  1. Stylomeastro says

    Love these uber sexy cool watches……. anyone know where I can buy them in Hong Kong?

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