Sharp TV with Built in Blu-Ray

fermoso_sharp_tvSharp are going to be releasing a couple of new TV’s which have integrated Blu-Ray players allowing you to play some HD goodness with out an external drive.

The Aquos LCD HDTVs are going to be launched next month right after CES (where they will be unveiled). The screens will measure 32″ and 42″ with the larger 42″ version being full HD at 1080p. A frame rate processing speed of 120Hz will also be included.

One problem Wired spotted is that you will be locked in to using that specific included Blu-Ray player even though Blu-Ray technology might get better over the next few years. Of course you could attach a stand alone player, but if you were to do that then buying an integrated TV/Blu-Ray would be pointless in the first place. It’s good that Blu-Ray is improving so I wouldn’t complain at that. For me though, I will probably just get a regular HDTV and separate player.

The expected cost of the 42″ version will be $2000.

Via: Wired

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