Sharp Shooting Remote Control

Sharp Shooting Remote Control
When our family first got cable TV I was amazed at how many channels were available. I grew up with just the 4 and then a fifth came along when I was about 18. Next we had 30+ channels and unfortunately the TV was still full of boring stuff, and a lot of repeats too. The sharp shooting remote control aims to allow you to vent that frustration by pointing it at the screen and shooting it. By doing this you will change the channel. Shoot away till you find the channel you want. The remote control is compatible with most TVs. It has 1 button on the trigger which you pull. To re program this to do something else you just point your TV remote control and press a button. Pulling the trigger then just repeats that function over and over till you change it to something else.

This ranks with the crazy devices that I mention here sometimes and quite possibly it is the craziest although the USB grill probably comes in just before that.

You can pick one of these up from Firebox for 9.95 pounds.

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