Sharp to Launch the AQUOS SHOT 933SH 10 MPix Camera Phone

softbank-sharp-aquos-shot-933sh-10mpix-mobile-phoneSharp have announced a new phone to be launched named the AQUOS SHOT 933SH. The main feature is that it sports a 10 mega pixel camera that has an ISO 12800 sensitivity. The high quality camera and features should allow it to capture some fairly decent images although the main concern with it would be if the lens is up to scratch.

The 933SH has a 3.3 inch screen, 16GB of storage built in, bluetooth and GPS which means it also is fairly feature packed. The phone will come in various colours which include black, white, gold, pink and blue. The phone is also a clam shell style phone.

As well as having the 10 megapixel CCD camera on the back it also has a secondary 0.43 megapixel that allows you to make video calls on the phone. Also there is a 0.8 inch external screen that will presumably show what music tracks are playing as well as battery indicators and caller ID.

It will be interesting to see how the camera part of this phone performs and if the lens will allow it to capture enough light quickly enough to take decent pictures in low-light situations.





  1. Screen Sleuth says

    A 10MP camera in a phone is neat, but will be expensive, and you know the phone part of the equation will be shorted in some way.

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