Several Microsoft Services Go Down for 4 Hours

Several high profiles online services from Microsoft went down earlier when Microsoft appeared to have problems with DNS. The services that went down include Hotmail, Skydrive as well as Office 365. The outage lasted about 4 hours.

Services were restored about 3am EST this morning at which point Microsoft said its DNS servers had been restored and that all should begin to right itself.

Although there are hints at DNS being the problem, Microsoft also put up a post on its blog to say the power outages in southern California were the reason although the post has now been taken off line.

This happens to be the second time in less than a month that Office 365 went down. The last outage lasted 3 hours and prompted Microsoft to offer customers — you have to pay for Office 365 — a 25% discount for their trouble. No word on a discount this time around.

Outages tend to not happen too often on high profile sites as the companies behind them often invest in equipment to avoid these types of failure.


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