Serious Overclocking by ABIT

If you are not sure what over clocking is then it is speeding up your computer beyond the speed it was designed to run at. For example you could run a 2.4Ghz processor at a higher speed and thus, making your computer run quicker and games run smoother. However, when this happens the processor gets seriously hot and some good cooling is needed to perform over clocking. Depending on how cool you can keep the processor and RAM depends on the outcome. ABIT decided at Computex which was held recently, to over clock one of their processors from 2.93GHz up to 5GHz. That is a HUGE jump and no doubt, will probably burn out the processor with in seconds. But, ABIT had some liquid nitrogen to hand which is ultra cold. Strapping this to the processor they were able to work the processor for a while with out any signs of it over heating.

Now it isnt the greatest over clocking that has happened, but its still quite cool as I have not seen a processor cooled with liquid nitrogen before.

If you have some spare liquid nitrogen around then you might want to give this a shot. Just dont go touching the liquid nitrogen as you might end up snapping a finger or 2 off. Just go careful 😉

Via: SlashGear

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