Sensorly App Maps Mobile Phone Signal Quality

When planning a trip out for a few days break you might be the sort who wonders if there will be a mobile phone signal available so you can check your work emails, personal emails and browse the web. If that description fits you then a new application could be the answer to finding honest coverage maps of various areas. A typical way of getting this data is to look on your phone carriers website and look at the coverage maps, however, they tend to be a little out sometimes.

A company called Sensorly has created the Sensorly app that users can install on their phone. When enabled the phone sends data back to the company who can then compile data from your signal strength information in areas you pass through. By collecting data from a number of phones, Sensorly aim to provide even more accurate coverage maps that will allow it to become more accurate than the carriers data.

Currently the application is only available for Android based phones although a Windows Mobile and iPhone app is in the works and should be launched soon.

One of the downsides of the app is that it’s another process open on your phone that will put a slight drain on the battery… but if that’s ok for you then go ahead and download the app to participate in the data gathering.

Via: Engadget and Sensorly

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