Self Driving VW Golf

This new “prototype”… the VW Golf GTi ’53 plus 1′ (53 because it’s the original Herbie 53) is capable of driving it’s self through 2 eyes (radar sensors). It can accellerate up to speeds of 150MPH, screech around corners, avoid collisions and beat the VW test drivers around their own track.

It works with GPS technology also which can track the vehicle down to the nearest inch (although I thought GPS couldnt only track with in a few meters on the current US system). Maybe when galileo gps becomes available it could really track with in an inch.

Anyway, it sounds impressive and if things continue as they are with the big brother type systems then all of us might be able to kick back and let the car drive us to where we need to go in a few years time.


Via: DailyMail

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