Sega Toys Fireworks Projector

Sega Toys have unveiled the Uchiagehanabi. The Uchiagehanabi is a small projector that gives an audio and visual display of a firework show in your home.

The device projects the firework images on to any wall or surface and allows you to celebrate whatever occasion you want in your home. Images of the fireworks measure up to 1.5m wide and users can create their own displays by remixing patterns together. 55 patterns are pre programmed in to the device for you to chose from and the projector has 5 lenses that can be used to project the different variations on to the wall.

You might be thinking you will never be able to pronounce the name of it if you live over this side of the worlds in the UK or US but don’t worry, you wont really need to as it’s a Japan-Only style gadget that will be launched 1st August.

If you are out that way then you can pre order a fireworks projector now for $168.

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