Sega Genesis on your iPhone

Sega have launched an official Genesis/Megadrive emulator for the Apple [AAPL] iPhone. From what Giz report the emulator looks to be a fully fledged console on the iPhone allowing you to play downloadable ROMS of classic games.

Several new games have been released including Sonic the Hedgehog costing $5.99, Golden Axe at $4.99, Ecco the Dolphin at $2.99 and Shining Force at $2.99. Each of these will be available soon as standalone ROMS which can be downloaded from within the app saving the need to download a full game packaged with the emulator each time.

When downloading the iPhone Genesis Emulator you get that along with Spare Harrier II and along with that the ability to purchase other games to use in the emulator from the in app app store if that makes sense.

Via: Giz and Sega

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