Secret Agent Spy Ear – Bionic Ear

Secret Agent Spy Ear
If you are the nosey type who like to listen in on conversations then you could go down a couple of routes. First, you could learn to lip read… but that means you have to stand and stare at those who you are stalking. The next option is the Bionic ear which is a small device you put in your ear which has an ultra sensitive microphone in it allowing you to hear crisp and clear audio in your ear. It has a built in volume control allowing you to increase the distance you can hear. Specs after the jump.

The device uses 4 cell batteries which are included which will power the listening device for 20 hours. It has 3 different sized ear tips and an adjustable volume control on the ear piece and it weighs just 3.2g with the batteries installed.

In my opinion, if you are going to use this device for 20 hours then I think you have some kind of paranoia problem you need to see the Dr about 😉

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