Second Light – Second Gen Multi-Touch Surface Computer

surface-computerMicrosoft might already be working on a second generation surface computer even though the first has barely moving anywhere as it is only just getting launched in the UK next week.

Although they “might” be working on the second generation multi-touch surface it is still expected that it could be 2 to 3 years away. The new model has been named Second Light and will feature a second projector that will allow (for example) one map to be projected on to a layer above the screen. Rather then using multi-touch it will use infra-red sensors which will require no touch at all.

Details are very sketchy at the moment though. No doubt there will be official news later on this year, so stay tuned in and as soon as we hear anything we’ll let you know.

Via: BBC


  1. Chris - LG Blog says

    Still find this as childishly enchanting as I did the first time I saw it. Want one… Now please.

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