Seagate Switches All Barracuda Hard Drives to 7200RPM

Seagate is making changes to the hard drives it supplies for desktop computers. In the past it has offered 5400RPM models but will soon be dropping these in favour of faster 7200RPM versions. The changes are being made to the Barracuda models built for desktop computers.

As well as increasing the speed of the drives in the Barracuda range, Seagate will also have a 1TB drive that spins at 7200RPM which will be the first 1TB capacity drive to spin that fast. One thing to point out here is that Seagate also has a 1TB per platter drive with a capacity of 3TB in total.

The reason Seagate has been able to do this is because technology has got better and allows the company to squash more data on a platter while still reading it at a higher speed.

The company also comments that the race for the largest drive will soon slow down and a focus will shift from the amount of storage more towards how quick the data can be accessed.

“When is enough capacity enough? Well, we might be getting close to that,” Burks said. “You’ll now see a leveling off of areal density growth. [In the future] you’re not going to see capacities grow as fast as they have … but you’ll see a new recognition around the need for performance. That certainly emerges in our product portfolio going forward.”

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