Seagate FreeAgent Go 160GB

Seagate FreeAgent
The Seagate FreeAgent is more then just a portable USB hard drive in which I thought it actually was at first. It is actually your whole computer environment that can be stored in your pocket. It is aimed at those who travel a lot on either business or pleasure and allows you to keep everything with you, including your computer settings. You can go to any PC with Windows USB 2.0 and connect it and you have your own PC right there to use. It is compatible with Windows XP and 2000 and just needs 2 USB ports to function.

Some of you might ask about using a laptop, and why would you need this. Not all of us have laptops and want to carry them around with us. Having this device will weigh you down by just 6oz and stow away in a pocket or your bag, but yet allow you to still fully use your computer while you are on the go. This is an excellent idea and suited to many people.

Via: CrunchGear

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