Scratch this iPhone – A Virtual iPhone

iPhone Scratched

Practice your scratching skills on a pretent iPhone

If you havent been in the queue on the east coast and picked up an iPhone 13 minutes ago then you can have a go of this virtual iPhone. This pretend phone doesnt actually allow you to play with any features though. Instead it allows you to mess up the screen, scratch and put fingerprints all over it. Its just for fun. 😉

The actual iPhone does have a glass screen which is supposedly better for keeping clean and scratch free.

Try it out now over at to see how it looks and scratches 😉

On another note, Gizmodo are about to unbox the iPhone live on webcam. Time to go watch what happens there.


  1. 4 days..massive scratch
    i treated i sooo gently , with nothing in my pocket but the iphone itself….. i cant imagine how its supposed to stay useable when in a pocket all day with keys, and coins etc
    BUY A CASE FOR IT!!! or regret it…the screen just isnt strong enough. i dont know how all these tests were done without this coming out .. on the other hand my windows mobile pda has no scrathes after a year of careless use…

  2. it couldn’t work for me the first time i went on it it worked but still it’s really good..
    it’s cute i like it lol..

  3. im 13 and i got an iphone when i was 7

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