Scosche Dual USB Charger for iPad

If you purchased an Apple iPad this month you might have noticed that USB charging can be a bit hit and miss on some laptops and computers. This is due to the power requirements of the Apple iPad being a little too high for what a regular USB port can output.

The requirement that the iPad has is that at least 10 watts are needed from the port. Most USB 2.0 ports are below this causing the iPad not to charge when connected to your PC. This isn’t a huge problem though as it does come with a wall adapter allowing you to charge it that way.

The Scosche Dual USB charger has a couple of different USB ports on with one of them being designed specifically to provide enough power output to charge an iPad. This gadget is part of the Revive II line that comes with an AC adapter for usage in the home as well as a car adapter to charge while on the move.

By having two ports you are able to charge an iPhone and an iPad at the same time while on the move or while at home.

If the iPad is plugged in to the lower output port rated at 1A it will still charge at a slower rate. The good news though is that if you accidentally plug the iPhone in to the higher rated port, it wont get damaged.

The two chargers are sold separately with the car version costing $24.99 and the home version costing $29.99. The charges are due to ship late in spring.

Via: HotHardware

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