SanDisk 32Gb SSD

SanDisk 32Gb SSD
With the advancements that have soared in memory technology over the last few years we have come to depend on the capability and speed of such from our MP3 players to digital cameras. As we come to expect more from this market we find that SanDisk has delivered the next step in the form of a 32Gb solid state disk (SSD). This SSD boasts enhanced performance, durability and power efficiency all in this tiny package.

The SanDisk is known as the UATA 5000 which is 1.8 inch in size and uses flash memory. By using flash memory it eliminates the need to have moving parts (eg. like with a hard disk) which in turn, boosts the reliability and speed of data access. Reliability is enhanced to an outstanding 2 million hour mean time between failure (MTBF). If you want to access your data at high speeds then the UATA 5000 can deliver this data more then 100 times faster then any hard disk with a sustained rate of 62Mb/Second. So what does this exactly mean in English? It means that Windows Vista can boot on a laptop in as little as 35 seconds, or you could transfer the contents of your 1Gb memory card from your camera, or similar device, in just 16 seconds.

The SanDisk SSD spec also boasts a very low power consumption rate compared to the more commonly used hard disk drive. In tests it was found that consumption was less then half for the SSD at 0.4W while the HDD took 1.0W. How does this benefit you and I? It means that if you are on the road with your laptop then the battery will last longer. This is a fantastic benefit for anyone who relies on their laptop.

With the SanDisk 32Gb SSD we now have a great competitor to the hard drive with 32Gb being a respected amount of storage and ample for most people’s current day to day needs. SanDisk have obviously taken the next inevitable step in this consumer demand led market and I am sure more impressive specs will carry on being announced over the next months and years.

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