SanDisk 2.5 Inch SSD

SanDisk SSD
Solid State Drives are a good way forwards for a number of reasons. First off is their durability and personally I would rather drop one of these then a harddisk any day. No moving parts make them tougher to the surrounding environment. As well as being stronger, the power usage is about half of what a harddrive uses. SanDisk have launched a 2.5 inch SSD which runs at just 0.9W when active and lower when not. This is a bonus for laptop users who are on the road regularly as ever bit of power saving keeps the battery running longer.

Speed wise, the SanDisk 2.5 inch SSD runs at a near 70mbps sustained which is quick and so quick in fact, that it can boot Windows Vista Enterprise version in around 30 seconds.

The SanDisk is capable of holding 32Gb of storage which is not bad at all. The drive is not available yet to consumbers, but is available to distributers for around $350.

Via: OhGizmo

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