Samsung Wave S8500 in Germany Contains a Virus on Mem Card

The Samsung Wave S8500 started shipping recently in Germany and those who purchased it could be in for a surprise as it is believed many of the devices have been infected with a virus. The virus is on the microSD memory card that ships with the smartphone and it contains the Win32/Heur virus that effects computers that use autorun.

It isn’t known how the virus got there although we suspect that it was put there in the factory when the memory cards were perhaps tested. Maybe one of the machines used to test cards contained a virus, or perhaps they were purposely planted on there by someone.

If you have a virus scanner then your PC should be safe when you connect your phone up. If not, then we recommend installing a virus scanner. If it’s too late then try this virus removal tutorial that explains how to get rid of a virus infecting a PC.

It is recommended that as soon as you get chance, format the memory card. This will wipe the virus clear off the microSD making it safe to hook up to your PC again.

Via: UberGizmo

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