Samsung Wave Launches in Europe Today

Samsung announced in a press release earlier that the Samsung Wave launches in Europe today. The countries specifically mentioned include the UK, Germany and France.

The Samsung Wave uses the Bada OS which is Samsung’s new operating system. The OS is designed for those who enjoy connecting over socla networks. As well as launching the Wave today, the Bada SDK 1.0.0 will also be made available for download later on today allowing developers to start creating applications for the new smartphone. A competition has also been announced that will see a developer win a prize of $300,000 for the competition. Full details can be found at Samsung about that.

With the launch of the Wave, Samsung is actively constructing a total eco-system around bada platform including Samsung Apps. Samsung Apps will be available in 80 countries when the Wave launches, and will increase the premium content and applications pool through collaboration with partner companies and developers.

The press release also mentions a launch for other countries too which includes Southeast Asia, China, the Middle East, Africa and Latin America although no specific dates were mentioned about when the launch will happen.

Although Samsung announced that the Samsung Wave would be launching today, we still see that Vodafone are launching next week on June 1 instead, so it isn’t clear at the moment where you can pick up a Samsung Wave other than unlocked at Amazon.

Via: Engadget

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