Samsung Vodafone 360 M1 Launched

Vodafone_360_Samsung_M1_Black_h1Vodafone are now selling the Samsung M1 in the UK costing nothing when paying £20/month on a 2 year agreement. If you prefer an 18 month agreement then the cost is £35/month currently.

The Samsung M1 is a Vodafone 360 phone that has a large touchscreen. Software called 3D contacts allows you to tap on a photo of a friend to chat with them or send them a message. GPS built in the phone allows you to share your current location with friends allowing you to easily meet up with those nearby.

For storage the phone has 1GB of memory that can store music, video and photos taken by the 3 megapixel camera. Realistically it’s not a lot of memory, but if you don’t mind switching your music out when it gets full then you should be ok. For connectivity there is no wi-fi, but you do get bluetooth, HSDPA, 3G and GPRS on the quad band phone.

Due to the lack of storage and no wifi support, the phone is a lot cheaper at £20/month getting the phone for free. If you want access to Vodafone 360 then the M1 looks to be a good option for the price.

Available here.

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