Samsung Vibrant Galaxy S Now Available at T-Mobile US

Last week we heard rumours that T-Mobile could be launching the Samsung Vibrant Galaxy S class smartphone on July 15. It turns out the rumour was correct and for those in the US, you can now go ahead and buy the T-Mobile Samsung Vibrant.

The Vibrant costs $199.99 (same as the DROID X that also launches today) and also comes with a two year agreement that needs to be signed. Off contract the Samsung Vibrant costs $499.99.

The Samsung Vibrant is a branded Galaxy S class phone that has a 4 inch Super AMOLED screen that is very Vibrant, hence the name. It comes with Android pre-installed.

We recently did our Samsung Galaxy S Review, so check it out to see what you are in store for as it ranks highly. Of course with T-Mobile branding and changing it a little, a few of the features might be different, but overall the phone is similar.

The Samsung Vibrant Galaxy S is available here.

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