Samsung Vibrant Plus to get 21+ Mbps on 4G

We hear today that when T-Mobile launch the Samsung Vibrant Plus it will connect up to the 4G network, which we already knew, but that it will be capable of transfer speeds of 21+ Mbps which is quite amazing.

Of course, to get those speeds you need to be in perfect conditions, but still it’s certainly not something to complain about at all.

Other devices that work on the T-Mobile 4G network include the T-Mobile G2 and the myTouch 4G both of which are capped at 14.4Mbps at the moment.

Other features of the Samsung Vibrant Plus include a front facing camera along with Qik video services. Also, the device will come installed with the Android 2.2 operating system.

Additionally, the Vibrant 4G will receive the “highest level of marketing support from T-Mobile, plus additional support from Samsung’s Galaxy S campaign. This includes TV and Cinema advertising among other marketing methods.”

Overall, an impressive set of details. Lets just hope that those using it see 21+ Mbps speeds more often than not although even in lower signal areas you should still get a half decent transfer speed.

Full image below of what you get on the Samsung Vibrant Plus. Via: T-MoNews

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