Samsung to Block iPhone 5 Launch in Korea

The patent problems between Apple and Samsung are continuing to go ahead with details today that hint at Samsung in Korea beginning proceedings to get the iPhone 5 blocked in Korea when it launches. Although they do not know the details of the iPhone 5 just yet, they will attempt to have the courts rule that Apple remove the telecommunications features of the device and sell it as an iPod touch.

Samsung is believed to want to completely stop the sale of the iPhone 5 when it launches in Korea. As you’ve probably read already in recent months, Apple and Samsung are working through the courts in various countries to try ban each others smartphones and tablets. We’ve already seen Samsung having to remove various devices from sale and display in Germany. It isn’t clear how it will all end but we don’t expect it to stop any time soon.

More details of this particular case can be found over at The Korea Times.

Via: Engadget

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