Samsung TL500 Looks Promising

Samsung have launched the Samsung TL500 point and shoot digital camera. The camera it’s self belongs to the “high-end” of point and shoot cameras in that the features it have bring it close to how a DSLR camera functions except for not having an interchangeable lens which keeps the size down.

The lens included with the camera although fixed to the body is actually quite capable and has a wide aperture of f/1.8 allowing plenty of light to hit the sensor for darkened shots. Full manual controls can be found with multiple control dials to get the camera to take the shot you want it to take.

One downside of the Samsung TL500 is that it cannot record video in HD format and is limited to SD. The TL500 will be priced at $450 when launched which does make it a tad higher in price than other point and shoot cameras although with the lens it has and all the manual features the price “might” be justified.

The Samsung TL500 will be going on sale sometime in the spring at a price of $450. The review over at DCI indicates that the lack of HD video recording really does let the camera down.

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