Samsung Super AMOLED Production up 10X Next Year

Samsung is starting up a new production line for creating displays in May 2011. This new production line will see the production of Super AMOLED displays vastly increase.

From what we are hearing today, Samsung has been getting the highest profit margins of any of the display manufacturers worldwide. The company is reporting $900m in sales with a 10.5% operating margin. A lot of this is expected to be generated by the Super AMOLED screens that were added to the Galaxy S Class of smartphones.

As it stands right now, Samsung build about 3 million AMOLED displays each month. When the company opens the new production line in May of next year, that is expected to rise up to 30 million panels a month, perhaps reducing the costs quite a bit at the same time.

The AMOLED screen created by Samsung is expected to arrive in a 7 inch model next year that will be put in the Galaxy Tab 2 if rumours are to be believed.

Via: SlashGear and Etnews

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