Samsung ST5000 and ST5500 Announced

Samsung have announced a couple of new digital cameras called the Samsung ST5500 and the ST5000.

The cameras have been redesigned to be more comfortable to use with the shutter button being set at an angle to make it easier to press.

The cameras have a 3.7 inch WVGA AMOLED touchscreen (3.5″ for the ST5000) on the back to display the images just captured as well as allow you to work through the various menu systems.

A further premium design enhancement is the ˜da Vinci-inspired design’ of the lens technology, based on Leonardo da Vinci’s famed habit of writing notes backwards to be read later using a mirror. This method ensures that when the camera is turned on, the lens barrel extends automatically and the image’s specifications (focal length and aperture) appear in the concave reflective lens rings instantaneously.

To remove motion blue from images captured each of the cameras use Samsung’s Dual Image Stabilisation technology that prevents a shaky hand from blurring the shot. Also scene recognition technology has been thrown in that lets the camera choose the right settings automatically creating the best picture (although that’s always debatable and will need to be tested first).

The new Samsung digital cameras come in three colours which are black, grey and terracotta orange. Each of the cameras has a 14.2 megapixel sensor and each also features 7 times optical zoom.

The Samsung ST5500 is the higher end model of the two cameras and has wireless and bluetooth built in as well as DLNA allowing images to be sent over wireless networks as you capture them in a similar way to how the Eye-Fi cards work.

The touchscreen on the device also responds to gestures allowing you to easily swipe through the pictures captured on the device.

Each camera is capable of capturing HD at 720p at 30 frames per second. Each have HDMI connectivity allowing the cameras to be hooked up to a HDTV in the home.

When launched this month for the ST5000 and next month for the ST5500 the cameras will cost £279.99 and £349.99 respectively.

Via: ePhotozine

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