Samsung Series 5 Ultrabook Announced

Samsung has unveiled a new Ultrabook called the Samsung Series 5. The new ultrabook comes in a couple of different packages which includes a 13 inch model and a 14 inch model. The chassis of the Series 5 measures 14.9mm thin.

Depending on which model you get the specs vary a little. The larger 14 inch model can have up to 1TB of storage while the 13 inch model has up to 500GB. If you prefer SSD to HD then you can also opt for a 128GB capacity SSD. Up to 8GB of RAM is also optional.

The 14 inch model is the fatter of the two at 20.9mm which although called an Ultrabook by Samsung, in Intels terms it needs to be 20.3mm thin to qualify. The 13 inch model certainly falls in to Ultrabook territory though measuring 14.9mm.

If you opt for SSD’s then resuming hibernation takes 7 seconds and sleep mode recovery takes less than 2 seconds which is quite quick.

Other technical specs show that the 14 inch model has AMD graphics in the shape of the Radeon HD7550M.

We don’t know at the moment if Samsung will launch the Series 5 over this side of the world. At the moment the only launch is for Korea at the end of this month. Prices will vary from $1,124 to $1,298 for the 13 inch model depending on which specs you choose. As for the 14 inch model, the price starts at $1,168 and goes up to $1,342. All pricing is based on current exchange rates.


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