Samsung Pixon 12 Details Released

samsung-pixon_2Samsung have announced their latest mobile phone named the Samsung Pixon 12. The Pixon 12’s main feature is it’s beast of a camera that can capture images at 12 megapixels. As well as having a large resolution camera built in, the phone also has a 3.1 inch AMOLED touchscreen and 150MB of internal memory which can be bumped up to 16GB via a MicroSD card.

Connectivity wise it has HSDPA, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth and an internet GPS chip is also included. The 12 megapixel camera can capture vidoe’s at 30fps with a resolution of 720 x 480 pixels.

The camera has a 28mm wide angle lens allowing it to capture some decent shots close up. As well as having the 28mm lens other features such as auto-focus tracking which allow the user to tap the point on the screen which they want the camera to focus on and the camera will then hold focus on that point unless told otherwise. Automatic scene and mode adjustment is also found in the camera which can sort out background and lighting automatically.

The Samsung Pixon 12 will be made available in the UK and Europe this month and then it will be released in other countries in August sometime.


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