Samsung Omnia 7 Gets HD Voice on Orange

The Samsung Omnia 7 is a Windows Phone 7 smartphone launching in the next few days here in the UK. If you decide to get the device on the Orange network, you’ll actually get HD Voice enabled on the device.

What HD Voice does is increases the quality of voice calls to make them crystal clear by removing hissing, crackles and background noise. The downside of it is that you need to be calling another compatible phone on the Orange network to get the full effects of the service.

Unfortunately this service right now is just for Orange customers only and is not compatible with other networks, even the T-Mobile network that the company is now a part of. But, Orange does hope to increase the number of handsets utilising this technology over the coming years. Its early days right now, but perhaps in a couple of years it will be a standard feature of all phones.

Via: Gaj-It

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