Samsung NX5 Digital SLR Hybrid made Official

Samsung has announced a new hybrid Digital SLR camera called the Samsung NX5. The NX5 is a lower spec model than the Samsung NX10 allowing it to have a lower price tag.

The AMOLED display on the NX10 is not used on the NX5 and instead, it uses a 3 inch LCD. The CMOS sensor can capture 14.6 megapixels and is an APC-C format sensor.

Also the camera is capable of using all NX-mount lenses that the NX10 can use. The price tag is $855 although surprisingly the so called more expensive NX10 can be found over in Germany for the equivalent of $619 at Amazon.

It is expected that when the NX5 launches in June that the prices will shortly after tumble to be more in line with the NX10, so it might be worth holding out at the moment till the prices settle a little.


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